Airport Hotel Istanbul Sabiha Gökcen Airport (SAW): A Convenient Stay Near the Terminal

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Situated on the Asian side of Istanbul, Sabiha Gökcen Airport primarily serves low-cost carriers and charter flights. Although it is smaller in size compared to Istanbul Airport, Sabiha Gökcen Airport is still a significant transportation hub, offering a variety of services and amenities for travelers.

Sabiha Gökcen Airport serves as the main hub for Pegasus Airlines, a low-cost carrier based in Turkey. In addition to Pegasus Airlines, other prestigious companies such as Turkish Airlines (via Anadolu Jet) and Qatar Airways also utilize Sabiha Gökcen Airport.

In this article, I will present you with two accommodation options available at Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW).

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SG Airport Hotel at Sabiha Gökcen Airport (SAW)

ISG Airport Hotel at Sabiha Gökcen Airport (SAW)

The ISG Airport Hotel is situated within the premises of Sabiha Gökçen Airport. It is conveniently located within the passenger terminal and can be easily accessed in just 3 minutes via the hotel’s shuttle service. Upon exiting the terminal, you will find the hotel’s shuttle pick-up and drop-off point to your right.

By making a simple phone call, you can swiftly reach the hotel and enjoy its comfortable accommodations. The hotel provides standard rooms where you can rest, freshen up with a shower, and even enjoy breakfast options. Additionally, the hotel offers quick access to the airport, ensuring convenience for your travels.

ISG Hotel at the Sabiha Gökcen Airport (SAW)

The Rooms are comfortable for short stays

The prices at this hotel are quite competitive compared to those of Istanbul Airport hotels. Overall, staying here makes sense if you’re looking for a comfortable rest before your layover or if you have an early flight. Feel free to utilize the widget below to explore the pricing options for your desired stay. Typically, prices start at $100 per night.

When you book a room at ISG Airport Hotel Sabiha Gökcen Airport, you will also receive a complimentary Fast Track pass. This pass grants you access to the fast-track security check and passport control lanes. With fast track, you can bypass the regular waiting lines and pass through the checkpoints much more quickly, ensuring a swift and efficient process.

In summary, the ISG Airport Hotel offers a comfortable and affordable stay for travelers at Sabiha Gökcen Airport.

Kepler Club

Kepler Club at Sabiha Gökcen Airport

Kepler Club introduces a captivating concept that seamlessly merges a business class lounge with an airport hotel. Sabiha Gökçen Airport provides exclusive sleep, overnight stay, rest, and shower services through Kepler, conveniently situated within the international departures terminal in the transit area on the airside.

Whether you have a long transit time, an early morning flight, or simply need a place to rest, shower, or work before a tiring journey, they are providing a comfortable and private space equipped with a variety of relaxation facilities.

Kepler Club Working Space at Sabiha Gökcen Airport

At the Kepler Club in Sabiha Gökçen Airport, the working space offers a unique lounge experience. While they don’t offer food like traditional business class lounges, you can still enjoy complimentary coffee, tea, water, and access to WiFi.

The inviting atmosphere is enhanced by comfortable couches, allowing you to unwind and relax before your flight or focus on completing tasks before embarking on your vacation.

Kepler Club Room at the Sabiha Gökcen Airport

Family Rooms

Kepler Clubs also provide accommodation, offering the following options.

Family Rooms

For families or groups seeking accommodation, the Kepler Club offers spacious and private family rooms. These rooms are equipped with a private bathroom and shower facilities, allowing you to freshen up at your convenience. With a capacity of 2-4 people, the family rooms provide a cozy and peaceful environment for a restful stay.

Sleeping Pods

If you’re a solo traveler or simply looking for an affordable sleeping option, Kepler Club’s sleeping pods are an excellent choice. Each sleeping pod is thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and privacy.

Inside, you’ll find a smart TV, a rotating worktable, and a tablet that allows you to conveniently check your boarding status. These compact sleeping units are ideal for a peaceful night’s sleep before your onward journey. You can make reservations for sleeping pods and family rooms through the widget located below.

Bathrooms & Showers

The Kepler Club offers services for personal hygiene and provides well-maintained bathrooms and showers for guests. The bathrooms feature smart toilets, offering advanced functionalities for a modern and convenient experience. Shower amenities are free, allowing you to freshen up and revitalize before or after your flight.

Sleeping Pods at the Kepler Club

Editors Note: As an individual, like many others, I also strive to find the best price before traveling. You can also check Agoda for the most favorable price. Even though I will earn a commission without any impact on the price for you, it is still advisable to search for the best online price.

If you decide to book through or find a better price on Agoda, I would greatly appreciate it if you clicked on my widgets and made your reservation. Thank you for your generosity!

Cheaper Alternatives

Cheaper Alternatives Commercial

You can find Cheaper Options Nearby

While it’s true that you have the option to stay in nearby areas rather than directly at Sabiha Gökcen Airport, where you can find more affordable accommodations, the new metro line provides convenient transportation from districts like Kurtköy and Pendik to the airport. However, in my opinion, if you’re primarily seeking a budget-friendly option, staying at the ISG Airport Hotel might be a better choice than searching for a slightly cheaper option elsewhere that may only save you 10-20€ for one night.

To explore alternative accommodations, you can utilize the map widget below. This will help you discover potentially better deals worth considering for your stay.

The ISG Airport Hotel at Sabiha Gökçen Airport offers good and affordable accommodation options for a reasonable price at the Airport premises. I think especially price-wise the hotel is really reasonable and offers a comfortable stay.

The Kepler Club at Sabiha Gökçen Airport goes beyond the traditional business-class lounge experience by offering a range of convenient sleeping and showering services. you can take advantage of the spacious family rooms or opt for the cost-effective sleeping pods, each equipped with amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. When I checked for availability, the sleeping pods at the Kepler Club were priced at around $90. However, please note that the rates may vary depending on the selected dates.

The Kepler Club is conveniently situated at the International Terminal after passport control in the transit area on the airside, offering an unbeatable location within the ISG Airport premises. While staying at the Kepler Club, you remain in close proximity to the airport. However, please note that in order to reach the airport, you will need to take a shuttle from the hotel, which means you will still encounter two security controls and one passport control before reaching your departure gate.

My Personal Recommendation

Personal Travel Recommendation for Istanbul

In my humble opinion, when traveling with a family, I would recommend staying at the ISG Airport Hotel Istanbul Sabiha Gökcen Airport. However, if I were traveling alone, I would opt for a Sleeping Pod at the Kepler Club.

The Family rooms at the Kepler Club, although more modern and conveniently located, can be quite expensive. Prices I came across while researching a few dates started at around $260 per night, which I consider a bit steep.

Personally, I have had the opportunity to utilize the working space at Kepler Club as I have a Priority Pass that granted me free access. I found it to be a suitable place for working a few hours and enjoying a cup of coffee. Furthermore, having a Priority Pass also entitles you to a complimentary 3-hour sleep in a sleeping pod. This is certainly a benefit worth utilizing, especially if you travel frequently.

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In conclusion, for families, the ISG Airport Hotel Istanbul Sabiha Gökcen Airport would be my recommendation, while solo travelers can consider the cost-effective option of a Sleeping Pod at the Kepler Club. Taking advantage of a Priority Pass can also provide added value, both for access to the working space and free sleep in a sleeping pod.


Where is the Airport Hotel Sabiha Gökcen Airport located?

The Airport Hotel Sabiha Gökcen Airport is conveniently located within the airport premises, offering easy access to the terminal building. The other option Kepler Club is conveniently situated within the international departures terminal in the transit area on the airside.

How far is the Airport Hotel from the passenger terminal?

The Airport Hotel Sabiha Gökcen Airport is situated within the borders of the passenger terminal, allowing guests to reach it via the hotel’s shuttle service or by walking (15 min). The Kepler Club is already inside the Terminal.

What amenities and services does the Airport Hotel offer?

The Airport Hotel provides comfortable accommodation options, including regular hotel rooms and other facilities like private bathrooms, showers, and breakfast options. Additionally, guests can enjoy convenient access to the airport and a range of amenities for a relaxing stay.

Can I book a room at the Airport Hotel even if I am not flying?

Yes, the ISG Airport Hotel at Sabiha Gökcen Airport welcomes guests who may not be flying but still require accommodation near the airport. You can book a room based on availability and enjoy the hotel’s services and facilities. To book a stay at the Kepler Club, it is important to note that you must have a valid plane ticket as it is located on the airside of the airport. This means that you need to go through the necessary security and passport control checkpoints before accessing the Kepler Club.

Is there a shuttle service available from the Airport Hotel to the airport terminal?

Yes, the ISG Airport Hotel offers a shuttle service to transport guests to and from the airport terminal. This service ensures convenient and timely transfers.

Can I make a reservation for the Airport Hotel online?

Yes, you can make a reservation for the ISG Airport Hotel Sabiha Gökcen Airport online. You can book via and Agoda. Also, the Official Website is available to book.

You can also book Kepler Club via and Agoda. Also, the Official Website is available to book.

Are there any dining options available at the Airport Hotel?

While the Airport Hotel offers its own dining facilities, it is located within the airport premises, which offers various dining options for guests to choose from. You can also dine at the Airport Terminal, which has a good food court.

Can I use the Airport Hotel’s facilities if I have a long layover at the airport?

Yes, The Airport Hotel welcomes travelers with long layovers to utilize their facilities, providing a comfortable space to rest, shower, and rejuvenate during their waiting time.

Is the Airport Hotel Istanbul suitable for business travelers?

Yes, the ISG Airport Hotel caters to the needs of business travelers as well. It offers amenities such as working spaces, reliable Wi-Fi, and a conducive environment for productivity. Also, Kepler Club is a great option for business travelers.

Are there any additional charges or fees at the Airport Hotel?

The Airport Hotel may have certain additional charges or fees for specific services or amenities. It is advisable to check the hotel’s policies or contact their staff directly for detailed information regarding any potential extra charges. Please be aware that the Airport Transfer Shuttle service at the Kepler Club may incur an additional cost if you choose to utilize it.


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