The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Beyoglu

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When it comes to Turkish cuisine, plant-based options often take a back seat to the more famous meat and fish-based dishes. Most renowned restaurants tend to specialize in kebabs or other meat-centric fare, making it challenging for tourists, especially vegetarians, to find truly exceptional dining experiences in Istanbul. Locating a vegan or vegetarian restaurant can be quite a challenge.

In Istanbul, it’s common for establishments offering exceptional vegan and vegetarian dishes to also serve meat or dairy products, and they often don’t prominently advertise their vegan offerings, leading them to be overlooked on lists.

While some neighborhoods on the Asian side may offer more progressive plant-based options, tourists are unlikely to venture across continents only for vegetarian food. Therefore, let’s focus on Beyoglu, one of Istanbul’s most famous neighborhoods, home to Taksim Square and Galata Tower, a popular tourist destination. Beyoglu is also one of the finest areas to stay in Istanbul for first-time tourists and also for regular visitors.

Here, amidst a vibrant atmosphere of bars, pubs, trendy cafes, you’ll also discover some excellent vegetarian dining options. Here are five top plant-based Restaurants in Beyoglu:

Galata Kitchen

In Turkey, one popular type of restaurant allows patrons to select their desired dishes from a counter and pay for their selections collectively at the end. Referred to as Home Made Food restaurants, they predominantly serve dishes reminiscent of homemade meals cooked by mothers or grandmothers. These restaurants offer several advantages, including the ability for diners to control their portions, and avoiding situations of excessive or insufficient food.

Additionally, the diverse array of food options, making it possible for vegetarians and vegans to create plant-based plates with ease. Galata Kitchen is among those eateries where patrons can customize their meals from a counter, crafting a delectable plate featuring vegetarian options. With reasonable prices and its proximity to Galata Tower, it offers a convenient dining option for those exploring the area. After a leisurely stroll, visitors can indulge in a satisfying meal before ascending the tower.

Vegan Food Cartel

At Vegan Food Cartel, where vegan meat and vegan cheese production takes place in their own kitchen, you can find vegan versions of classic Turkish dishes like Iskender kebab and skewered kebab. Among their standout menu items are vegan options such as curry sauce with mock chicken, cheese steak burger, cafe de Paris sauce steak, and steak wrap.


If you’re seeking a hidden gem in Beyoglu with a focus on healthy cuisine, Zencefil is an excellent choice. Zencefil’s menu varies daily, as it’s prepared fresh. However, if you happen upon it, I recommend trying their vegan lentil patties, savory bean stew with dill, or vegetarian vegetable lasagna or quiche. For those with a sweet tooth, don’t miss out on sampling one of Zencefil’s low-sugar desserts. They are pretty good.

Vegan Istanbul

Vegan Istanbul, operating as both a market, restaurant, and café, successfully adapts beloved flavors from traditional Turkish cuisine to vegan dietary preferences. Using only extra virgin and natural olive oil in their kitchen, the establishment offers a wide range of vegan options in their restaurant-café section, including cookies, cakes, pastries, olive oil-based dishes, and soups, as well as a variety of dishes from vegan schnitzel to vegan döner kebabs, pizzas to vegan meatballs, catering to every palate.

Highlights of their menu include leek pastries, dried eggplant dolmas, mushroom burritos prepared with hummus and black beans. You can also find homemade jam, pickles, gluten-free tortellini, vegan yogurt and cheese, plant-based milk, and other products in their market section. Get Directions

Vegan Dükkan Lokanta

Launched as an initiative of Turkey’s first vegan market, Vegan Dükkan Lokanta offers a wide- ranging menu, recreating meaty Turkish dishes and classic vegan flavors alike, from ravioli to mantı, Adana kebab to open-faced sandwiches. Suppose you’re staying at an Airbnb and prefer cooking vegan meals at your accommodation. In that case, their shop also provides a variety of vegan and vegetarian options for purchase, allowing you to prepare your meals later on.


Istanbul still has some progress to make in embracing all-vegan and vegetarian restaurant concepts, as many restaurant owners believe that meat offerings are essential for their revenue. However, excellent plant-based options are available, as plant-based cuisine is a part of Turkish culinary tradition. So, next time you’re in Istanbul, don’t forget to give the restaurants we mentioned a try.


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