Meghan Markle’s Istanbul

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Meghan Markle is a former American actress and the wife of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, who is a member of the British royal family. She was born on August 4, 1981 in Los Angeles, California, and is best known for her role as Rachel Zane on the television series “Suits.” In 2018, she married Prince Harry and became the Duchess of Sussex.

In March 2021, Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry officially stepped back as senior members of the British royal family in what has been dubbed the “Megxit” by the media. As a result, they are no longer working members of the royal family and are no longer using their HRH titles. However, Prince Harry remains a member of the royal family and in the line of succession to the throne. While they are no longer considered “working royals,” they still hold their titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan Markle and Her Husband Prince Harry
Meghan Markle and Her Husband Prince Harry

Meghan Markle is also known for her philanthropic work and activism on issues such as gender equality and animal rights.

Meghan Markle had a travel blog called “The Tig,” which she started in 2014. The blog covered a variety of topics including fashion, food, travel, and lifestyle. However, she shut down the blog in 2017 after her relationship with Prince Harry became serious.

There is also a rumor that these 2 met in Istanbul. Meghan Markle visited Turkey for the opening of Soho House in 2015 and according to some sources she had her first date with Harry at Soho House Istanbul in 2015.

On several occasions, Meghan Markle has mentioned that Istanbul is among her favorite destinations in the world. So now you can read about Istanbul in Meghan Markle’s own words.

Istanbul Pictures from Meghan Markle in her Blog

Meghan Markle’s Blog Post About Istanbul


“There have been some lofty travel goals set in my wanderlust-filled life, but 48 hours in Istanbul was perhaps the most ambitious. It’s Istanbul, after all, with its grand bazaar, over 3,000 mosques to explore, rugs to strategically schlep back home, baklava to devour, culture-filled neighborhoods, the requisite hammam you simply must try, and oh yeah – that big ol Bosphorus. Case in point: there’s a lot to squeeze in.

Equal parts invigorating and dizzying, 48 hours in Istanbul is, indeed, an undertaking. Rest assured, your head will be spinning with (Turkish) delight once back on the plane, but undoubtedly, it’s worth every singular moment.

Check into the newly designed Soho House Istanbul tucked into the Beyoglu district. With 87 rooms, two rooftop pools overlooking the Bosphorus, and rooms that boast Turkish tiled floors and rainforest showers, it’s the perfect (and most stunning) place to rest your head. Have the hotel arrange a tour for you to check out the Grand Bazaar with the ever lovely host, Aysem Erginoglu. She speaks fluent English, Turkish, and German and will prove to be your trusted tour guide as she whisks you from the ritual of rug shopping (apple tea & five dedicated employees), through the nooks and crannies of the very overwhelming bazaar. Pick up one up a rug from Dhoku at a fraction of the cost; they sell to ABC Home in NY as well as Anthropologie. Well, well, well…you little product sourcer, you.

Venture to the spice market where you’ll have sensory overload and then tuck into a cup of Turkish coffee at Kurukahveci Mehment Efendi, where you’ll be able to swing some home for your very lucky friends. With your buzzy energy boost, you’ll be well on your way to take in some legendary sites. You can’t come to Istanbul and not see Hagia Sophia, which will certainly be on your top five list. So rich in history (think doors apparently made of wood from Noah’s Ark), this architectural masterpiece is quite near to the Blue Mosque so you can ensure you make it to both Istanbul standouts.

Have lunch at Kiyi, a beloved seafood restaurant that has maintained its menu since the 1960s because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. A quick stop at world renowned Gulluoglu for the best baklava you’ve ever tasted and then back to the hotel just in time for sundowners overlooking the Bosphorus. Take it easy and have dinner at Mandolin tucked into the hotel and offering mezze plates and local wines, or dine around the corner for traditional kebab at Camim Cigerim where plates of meats, herbs, and flat bread are dolled out to your table like clockwork.

Wake up and have breakfast at Namli Gurme, a colorful deli/restaurant where you can sample over 70 types of cheeses and endless honeys. Perfect for some light pecking before heading to the absolutely necessary Hamam experience. You can go old school and classic (albeit touristy) at Cemberlitas Hamam, which is the city’s most famous, or be a non traditionalist and go for a more Ottoman chic at Kilic Ali Pasa Hamam. The latter is housed in celebrated architect Mimar Sinan’s final structure from the 16th century.

Stroll to Peche de Malle to snag some hostess gift approved tea towels and beach blankets, and to neighboring Hic, where the cools kids are finding their tchotchkes for the home. You’ll be close to the antique district, so you may as well mosey through there for any last minute finds. You’ll be tuckered out, so have some Turkish tea back at the hotel, and rest up. Last night of dinner should likely be Karakoy Lokantasi, where you will need the concierge to help you get a table. Chic and brand spanking new, it’s the hot spot for good reason. The team at Soho House says to order the Midye Dolma (stuffed mussels with garlic sauce). Per usual, they are right.”

– Meghan Markle, April 2015

Editors Note:

It’s clear that Meghan Markle was captivated by Istanbul and may be interested in returning to explore it further in the future. I appreciated how she shared her experiences with honesty and warmth, highlighting both the city’s grandeur and its charm. Despite staying in a luxury hotel, she also recommended many affordable activities that are accessible to visitors.

In my opinion, I thought that Meghan Markle’s itinerary for 48 hours in Istanbul was quite impressive. For those with limited time in the city, I would suggest considering hiring a tour guide to avoid wasting precious time trying to navigate around the city on your own. Istanbul is not easy to navigate and you don’t want to loose 1-2 hours of 48 just to find your way around.


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