Rixos Tersane Istanbul: Luxury Resort at Golden Horn

Rixos Tersane Istanbul

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In 2024, Rixos Tersane Istanbul is set to elevate Istanbul’s coastal luxury hotel scene. While Rixos Hotels currently has a presence in Pera, Rixos Tersane is poised to become the flagship, boasting unparalleled features upon its grand opening.

Ensuring an unforgettable stay, the hotel distinguishes itself with a rich architectural concept, providing an extensive range of room types, most of which boast captivating sea views. Beyond traditional accommodations, the hotel will transform converted brick and stone warehouses into unique restaurants and social spaces. The centerpiece is a state-of-the-art main building offering uninterrupted vistas of the Old City and the Golden Horn. Rixos Tersane aims to redefine luxury hospitality, setting new standards along Istanbul’s coastal strip.


For those unacquainted with the Rixos chain, it is a prominent Turkish hotel chain renowned for its predominantly resort-style establishments. At Rixos, the “All Exclusive” offering seamlessly merges all-inclusive benefits with exclusive privileges, providing guests with exceptional escapes that surpass imagination and unveil new horizons.

With 14 hotels in Turkey, primarily situated in the southern region and one in Istanbul (Rixos Pera Istanbul), Rixos Tersane Istanbul will mark its second establishment in the city. Beyond Turkey, Rixos extends its reach with 7 Hotels & Resorts in the United Arab Emirates, 6 in Egypt, 5 in Kazakhstan, 1 in Montenegro, 1 in Qatar, 1 in Russia, and 1 in Croatia. Now, let’s delve into the latest addition to the Rixos Hotels in Istanbul – Rixos Tersane.

Location of Rixos Tersane Istanbul

Situated along the Golden Horn, Rixos Tersane Istanbul is nestled within the Tersane Istanbul project, akin to Galataport. This development encompasses a shopping center, a marina, and various amenities, offering a comprehensive and vibrant experience. Nestled along the Golden Horn coast, the location offers scenic beauty; however, public transport accessibility is limited. Optimal choices for reaching this destination include either taking a taxi or enjoying the convenience of a ferry ride.

Upon arrival at Istanbul Airport (IST), convenient transportation options include taking a bus or tram, followed by a taxi ride. Alternatively, from Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW), you can opt for the tram to Kadıköy, then take a ferry. Rixos also provides a pick-up service for an additional cost. Once at the hotel, its proximity to major attractions in Istanbul enhances the convenience for tourists.

Arriving at Tersane Istanbul

By Bus: Visitors can conveniently reach Tersane Istanbul by taking IETT buses operated by the Metropolitan Municipality. These buses connect the area with major hubs like Taksim and Eminonu. Disembark at either Deniz Hastanesi Station or Yeni Çeşme Station.

By Car: For those driving, set your route on a navigation app using the coordinates for Tersane Istanbul: Google Maps , Yandex Maps

By Ferry: A local ferry line is now in operation, providing a scenic and convenient route to Tersane Istanbul.

Rooms at the Rixos Tersane Istanbul

Rixos Tersane Istanbul

Beginning with the standard room, guests have the choice of a 1 King-size bed or a double bed, starting at a spacious 38 m² (409 sq ft). These rooms boast a living/sitting area, complimentary wireless internet, an LED TV, and a mini-fridge.

I truly admire the thoughtful room design of Rixos Tersane Istanbul, seamlessly blending authenticity with modernity. The suites, extend up to 409 m² (4402 sq ft), which is the luxurious Presidential Suite. As is customary in Turkish hotels, rooms with a sea view come at an additional cost, emphasizing the scenic value of the coastal surroundings.

Rixos Tersane Istanbul Prices

The hotel is set to open on May 21, 2024, with prices starting at approximately €400. Given the caliber of the hotel, these rates are expected. Booking in advance is advisable, particularly during the peak summer months when prices may rise. Conversely, during the winter months, it’s likely that prices below €400 can be found.

Dining at Rixos Tersane Istanbul

Dining at the hotel is a delightful experience, with an array of opportunities awaiting guests. Located in the vibrant Tersane Istanbul Living Area, the vicinity is teeming with numerous restaurants, cafes, and bars. Here, one can explore a diverse culinary landscape, featuring a wide selection of international cuisines, alongside some exceptional Turkish dining establishments. The dining possibilities are truly abundant, catering to various tastes and preferences.


In my opinion, Rixos Tersane Istanbul emerges as a splendid addition to Istanbul’s luxury hotel scene, poised to become one of the premier establishments in the region. For those seeking a destination where shopping, dining, and accommodation converge seamlessly, especially while exploring the main attractions nearby, Rixos Tersane Istanbul unquestionably merits serious consideration.

FAQs about Rixos Tersane Istanbul

Where is Rixos Tersane Istanbul?

It is located in Tersane Istanbul at Golden Horn. Get Directions.

How much does Rixos Tersane Istanbul cost?

The hotel is set to open in May 2024, with room rates starting from €400. During the winter months, prices are anticipated to be slightly more affordable. Check the Prices here.

What restaurants does Rixos Tersane Istanbul have on property?

Rixos Tersane Istanbul features on-site restaurants, and guests can also choose to dine at the restaurants within the Tersane Istanbul complex.


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