Tersane Istanbul: New Center of the City

Tersane Istanbul

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Experience the allure of Tersane Istanbul, the emerging coastal haven nestled amidst the distinctive heritage and scenic splendor of the Golden Horn.

Boasting historical landmarks, an unparalleled fusion of diverse lifestyles, culinary wonders, luxurious residences, and hotels, along with a vibrant cultural calendar, Tersane Istanbul promises to elevate your lifestyle. It serves as your gateway to a flourishing community that seamlessly bridges Istanbul’s rich past with a promising future.

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What is Tersane Istanbul?

Tersane Istanbul Map

Tersane Istanbul, meaning “Shipyard Istanbul” in Turkish, once stood as an empty space housing the Ottoman imperial shipyards, dating back 600 years. Now, it is undergoing a remarkable transformation into a captivating coastal neighborhood and a modern living hub. This revitalized area promises an experience where every moment unfolds something new and exciting.

The reimagined Tersane Istanbul encompasses museums, hotels, and residences, creating a multifaceted destination. Rooted in the city’s cultural and industrial heritage, Tersane Istanbul is committed to restoring the Golden Horn to its former glory. This area, once a favored recreation spot for the Ottomans, boasted delightful gardens and coastal palaces.

The revival of Tersane Istanbul not only preserves historical significance but also introduces a contemporary lifestyle, blending the old and the new seamlessly. As a vibrant coastal neighborhood, it invites residents and visitors to immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of culture, history, and modern living, making it a promising focal point in Istanbul’s landscape.

What to do at Tersane Istanbul?

Tersane Istanbul presents waterfront living spaces, five luxurious hotels (including Rixos Tersane Istanbul), shopping areas, and event centers, creating a comprehensive and upscale experience for residents and visitors alike.

Moreover, Tersane Istanbul is home to a pair of cutting-edge museums. The Sadberk Hanım Museum, an architectural masterpiece designed by Grimshaw, boasts a vast private collection of 20,000 artifacts. Additionally, the Museum of Women’s Culture serves as a contemporary institution fostering dialogue, highlighting women’s impactful contributions to society.

Rixos Tersane Istanbul

Nestled on the shores of the Haliç, Rixos Tersane epitomizes unparalleled guest experiences and service excellence. Committed to reshaping Istanbul’s lifestyle landscape, the hotel seamlessly blends modern luxury with the rich heritage of a 600-year-old dockyard. Located in the historic Tersane district along the Golden Horn, Rixos Tersane Istanbul is an eclectic fusion, serving as both an urban hotspot and lifestyle hub.

With panoramic views of the Haliç, the hotel offers a unique and immersive experience, marrying contemporary luxury with the historical charm of the dockyard.

Investment Opportunities

Embarking on an investment journey in Tersane Istanbul unveils a truly compelling opportunity. Firstly, Istanbul’s thriving real estate market promises substantial returns, making Tersane more than just property acquisition – it’s a valuable stake in history.

Secondly, the distinctive combination of historical richness and modern luxury positions Tersane for an anticipated surge in demand, signaling significant growth potential in the future.

Lastly, Tersane perfectly aligns with prevailing market trends, meeting the contemporary preference for integrated living spaces with cultural significance. This convergence of factors makes investing in Tersane Istanbul not just financially rewarding but also a strategic move in tune with the evolving landscape of real estate.


Tersane Istanbul, akin to Galataport, is a project featuring a marina and various amenities. I believe developing residential spaces in Istanbul, like this one, is logical, but the design should harmonize with the surrounding neighborhood.

Tersane Istanbul has faced some criticism in this aspect. There’s room for improvement, although it’s not as imposing as some people claim.

FAQs about Tersane Istanbul

How can I get to Tersane Istanbul?

Visitors should get on the IETT buses that are operated by the Metropolitan Municipality serving the area from the main hubs of Taksim and Eminonu and get off at Deniz Hastanesi Station or Yeni Çeşme Station. See the other options at google maps

How big is Tersane Istanbul?

Tersane Istanbul’s total plot area is 242,000 sqm
Open Spaces: 150,000 sqm
Coastline: 2 km

What entertainment facilities are there for families?

A former slipway of the shipyard will be transformed into an open-air Family Fun Zone with several activities and workshops specifically designed for kids. Hourly kindergarten and nanny services for shoppers, as well as hotel and residence guests, will also be provided.

What cultural events may I attend at Tersane Istanbul?

Besides Sadberk Hanım Museum and the Museum of Women’s Culture, Tersane Istanbul will also have an Event Hall, an Open Air Concert Space and art galleries that will host several cultural events from art fairs, exhibitions and auctions to concerts and fashion festivals.

May I stay overnight at Tersane Istanbul? What accommodation types are offered?

Tersane Istanbul will feature 4 luxury hotels (Including Rixos) with a total of 1100 rooms that would cater to a wide array of needs and appetites, while providing solutions for travelers visiting the city for business, leisure, culture and health purposes.

What type of living units are provided?

You can choose to buy or rent a home office or an office unit that is specifically designed for start-ups and small ventures at Tersane Istanbul.

May I obtain a Turkish passport if I buy an apartment at Tersane Istanbul?

According to the latest legal arrangements, everybody who meets the requirements and buys real estate with a price tag of 250,000 USD dollars will be entitled to a Turkish passport.

How can I plan a special event at Tersane Istanbul?

To plan a special private celebration or a launching event for your brand, please write the details of the organization to Tersane Istanbul Customer Relations: info@tersaneistanbul.com.tr


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