Guide To Turkish Airlines Lounges at Istanbul Airport (IST)

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Welcome to a world of sophistication and comfort at the Turkish Airlines Istanbul Airport Lounges. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the offerings and exclusive services these lounges provide, ensuring an unforgettable journey for every traveler. I’ll also address inquiries collected from various platforms such as TripAdvisor and Flyertalk to provide you with comprehensive insights.

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Turkish Airlines Lounges at Istanbul Airport (IST)

In Istanbul Airport (IST), you can find a total of four Turkish Airlines Lounges. Three of these lounges are situated in the international departures terminal. Additionally, there is a Turkish Airlines Lounge located at the Domestic Terminal. Regrettably, Istanbul Airport does not have an arrivals lounge.

In the upcoming chapters, we will delve into the whereabouts of these lounges, examine their offerings, and discuss the eligibility criteria for access.

Turkish Airlines Lounges Istanbul – Locations

Turkish Airlines Lounge Locations at Istanbul Airport
International Departures Terminal at Istanbul Airport (IST)

The International Departures Terminal at Istanbul Airport (IST) houses three lounges: the Miles & Smiles Lounge, Business Lounge, and Exclusive Lounge. Situated adjacent to each other on the upper floor after the passport control, these lounges offer a convenient and accessible experience.

The Arrivals Lounge is situated on the arrivals level of the International Terminal, just outside the baggage claim area. To find it, simply take a left.

The Domestic Lounge is positioned in the Domestic Terminal outside the security area. Access it through the external entrance located at the arrivals level. Alternatively, you can reach the lounge through the elevator across from Gates G6 and G7.

Chart of Eligibility for Turkish Airlines Lounges at Istanbul Airport (IST)

The Eligibility Chart for Turkish Airlines Lounges at Istanbul Airport (IST) delineates the access criteria, specifying which Turkish Airlines lounge individuals are eligible to enter at the Istanbul Airport.

It’s important to emphasize that eligibility is contingent on several factors. Primarily, it depends on whether you are flying with Turkish Airlines or a Star Alliance member airline on the given day. Additionally, the class you are flying and the level of your Miles&Smiles Card or Star Alliance Card play a pivotal role.

These parameters collectively determine both your access to specific lounges and the possibility of bringing guests. Below, I’ve crafted charts for various scenarios to provide clarity on these aspects.

Chart of Eligibility for Turkish Airlines Lounges at Istanbul Airport
Chart of Eligibility for Turkish Airlines Lounges

Turkish Airlines Lounge Business: Guest/Family Right Eligibility

Three crucial points determine eligibility for Turkish Airlines Lounge Business access:

  • Passengers flying in Business Class, whether with Turkish Airlines or a Star Alliance Member Airline, can access the Turkish Airlines Lounge Business, regardless of their card type.
  • Only Business Class passengers can enter the Turkish Airlines Lounge Business. Business Class passengers with the appropriate card type may bring a guest into the Lounge Miles & Smiles section.
  • First-class passengers flying with a Star Alliance member airline have the privilege of bringing guests to the Turkish Airlines Lounge Business.

Istanbul Airport International Terminal Lounge Business Usage Table
Istanbul Airport International Terminal Lounge Business Usage Table

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miles&Smiles: Guest/Family Right Eligibility

Passengers with M&S Elite Plus, M&S Elite, SAG, PLM and CORP cards can enter the Turkish Airlines Lounge Miles & Smiles section. Passengers can also use Miles to purchase entry into this Lounge.

As stated in the Lounge Business Eligibility section, Business Class passengers with the relevant card type have the option to bring a guest into the Lounge Miles & Smiles section. Below, you’ll find the guest eligibility chart for reference.

Istanbul Airport International Terminal Lounge Miles & Smiles Usage Table
Istanbul Airport International Terminal Lounge Miles & Smiles Usage Table

For details regarding guest policies and pricing for the lounges, please refer to the terms and conditions on the Turkish Airlines lounges website.

Turkish Airlines Lounge: Miles & Smiles

Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles Lounge at Istanbul Airport

To reach the Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles Lounge, proceed left after passing through security and make your way toward gate C1. Look for an escalator and a prominent sign guiding you upstairs to the lounge entrance. This exclusive space is accessible to Turkish Airlines Business Class passengers, Star Alliance Gold members, Turkish Airlines Corporate Club members, Miles&Smiles Elite, Elite Plus members, and individuals flying with Star Alliance member airlines. Moreover, those holding these statuses are entitled to bring along one guest to enjoy the lounge facilities.

The Turkish Airlines Lounge Miles&Smiles spans an expansive 5,600 square meters, providing seating for up to 765 people. Indulge in a revitalizing experience within our passenger lounge, featuring 12 suites equipped with showers. While waiting for your flight, unwind on plush couches and savor delectable treats from Turkish and global cuisines specially crafted for your enjoyment.

Your ideal destination for a delightful time awaits. Within the Turkish Airlines Lounge Miles&Smiles, discover a cinema, console gaming experience, and a spacious children’s playground where endless fun unfolds. For those seeking productivity, take advantage of our well-equipped meeting rooms and library to make the most of your time.

Turkish Airlines Lounge: Business

Turkish Airlines Business Lounge at Istanbul Airport

To reach the Turkish Airlines Business Lounge, turn right after passing through security and proceed towards gate E1. Look for the escalator and a prominent sign that will guide you upstairs, granting access to the lounge.

Entry to this lounge is extended to Business Class passengers flying internationally with Turkish Airlines or Star Alliance airlines. For Business class passengers, the perk is dual access to both lounges. However, for Star Alliance and Turkish elite members, access is limited to the Miles & Smiles lounge.

Crafted for an exceptional travel experience, the Turkish Airlines Lounge Business spans an impressive 5,600 square meters (Same as Miles & Miles Lounge), accommodating 765 individuals. Elevating your journey, They’ve collaborated with Istanbul Modern to seamlessly integrate a 130-square-meter museum within Business lounge for your enjoyment.

At Turkish Airlines Lounge Business, entertainment and comfort converge. Prior to your flight, unwind in private suites and indulge in a revitalizing shower. Within the lounge, find solace on cozy couches while relishing delectable, exclusive offerings from Turkish and international cuisines. The hours will effortlessly pass with the immersive console gaming experience and the expansive children’s play area.

Despite the apparent contrast, our experience indicates that both Miles&Smiles and Business lounges offer nearly identical amenities, with only minor distinctions favoring the business class lounge. The overall ambiance in the lounge closely mirrors that of the Miles & Smiles lounge, but with a subtle elevation in various aspects. Unique additions, such as a golf simulator and a couple of more food options, contribute to this elevated experience.

Difference between Miles&Smiles Lounge and Business Lounge

In comparing the two, the Business Lounge boasts an art exhibition gallery, whereas the Miles&Smiles Lounge offers a movie theater experience. Additionally, the Business Lounge stands out with features like a golf simulator and virtual reality flying simulator, amenities not found in the Miles&Smiles Lounge. Another distinctive service in the Business Lounge is the availability of an ironing service, a convenience absent in the Miles&Smiles Lounge. Furthermore, the Business Lounge tends to be slightly less crowded, enhancing the overall tranquility of the space.

While I could add a video and numerous pictures showcasing both of these lounges, the experience is best captured by my favorite travel YouTuber, Vicarious Voyager. Therefore, I’ve included a link to his video for you to enjoy the immersive journey.

Suites at the Turkish Airlines Lounges

Turkish Airlines provides various complimentary options for their connecting passengers, ranging from free city tours to overnight hotel stays, or the opportunity to transform an extended layover into a complimentary stopover. For business class passengers and elite members, Turkish Airlines offers private suites within their Miles&Smiles and Business Class lounges at Istanbul Airport.

The Business Class lounge features 24 suites, conveniently grouped together, and provides shower facilities for connecting passengers. Each suite is equipped with a single bed, a work desk, and a designated area for clothes storage and luggage. A flat-screen TV, offering a selection of both local and international channels, is positioned in front of the bed. Additionally, passengers can reserve showers on a first-come, first-served basis.

Turkish Airlines Lounge: Exclusive

Situated between the Miles&Smiles and Business Lounges at Istanbul Airport, the Turkish Airlines Exclusive Lounge, as the name suggests, will represent the pinnacle of luxury within the Turkish Airlines lounge offerings.

Originally slated for an earlier opening, the lounge’s debut faced delays due to the impact of COVID. Anticipated to open sometime in the future, this exclusive lounge promises an elevated experience for travelers.

Turkish Airlines Lounge: Domestic

Situated in the Domestic Terminal Outside Security, access to this lounge is granted through the external entrance located at the arrivals level. Alternatively, you can reach the lounge via the elevator across from Gates G6 and G7.

If you’re traveling domestically within Turkey on a Turkish Airlines business class flight, entry to this lounge is automatic. Miles & Smiles Classic Plus, Elite, and Elite Plus passengers also enjoy lounge access, even when flying in economy class. Turkish Airlines Corporate Club members transferring to international flights are entitled to use the lounge. Additionally, Star Alliance members, regardless of class, can utilize the lounge through a dedicated gate outside the terminal.

A designated bus service directly transports lounge visitors to their flights. Within this domestic Turkish Airlines lounge in Istanbul, you’ll discover a scaled-down version of the food and beverage offerings available in Turkish Airlines’ other lounges. For families, a playground is available to let children expend some energy before their flight, and video console games add an extra element of fun. If you need to work before your flight, take advantage of the numerous private meeting rooms available.

Other Lounge Options at the Istanbul Airport (IST)

Apart from the lounges operated by Turkish Airlines, Istanbul Airport (IST) features three additional lounges. In the Domestic Departures Terminal, there is the IGA Lounge, and in the International Departures Terminal, you’ll find both the IGA Lounge and the Sky Team Lounge.

IGA Lounge at Istanbul Airport (IST)

Located on the International Departures Floor, the iGA Lounge offers a distinctive environment for indulging in various amenities before your flight.

Spanning an impressive 5,150 m2, the iGA International Lounge has the capacity to host 650 guests on the international departures level. Recognized as one of the world’s top four airport lounges by the prestigious international rating agency Skytrax, the iGA Lounge is a five-star private service hall celebrated for its outstanding hygiene standards and service quality. Notably, it stands as the exclusive lounge at iGA Istanbul Airport that includes an outdoor terrace for added comfort and relaxation.

The IGA Lounge at the International Terminal currently allows entry with a fee of 85€+VAT and the IGA Domestic Lounge entrance costs ₺750.00 +VAT (Around $25). Moreover, IGA provides various services, including Sleeping Pods, Business Pods, Showers, Baggage Wrap, and Luggage Lockers. For a comprehensive list of services and additional information, please refer to this link.

Who can get in?

  • Passengers with iGA Pass Card (Plus, Extra, and Premium)
  • Passengers of Partner Airlines
  • Passengers who are members of a contracted travel program (Priority Pass, Dragon Pass, High Pass, LoungeMe)
  • Passengers with iGA Daily Pass
  • Passengers Making Individual Purchases at the Desk
  • Passengers Making Digital Purchases
  • Passengers using the iGA Meet and Greet Service

SkyTeam Lounge at Istanbul Airport (IST)

Situated on the International Departures Floor, the SkyTeam Lounge provides a diverse range of amenities for passengers awaiting their flights. These include access to television, newspapers, magazines, snacks, a bar, showers, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, rest areas, a masjid, places of worship for various religions, ablution areas, open buffets, and dining spaces, ensuring a comfortable experience until boarding.

Spanning an expansive 611 m2, the lounge is conveniently located on the airside of the international departures floor. After passing through passport control and turning left, passengers can access the mezzanine floor using the escalators. Positioned on the right side of the mezzanine floor, adjacent to the iGA International Lounge, the SkyTeam Lounge is exclusively available to passengers traveling on international flights.

SkyTeam Member Airlines:

  • Air France
  • KLM
  • Korean Air
  • Middle East Airlines
  • Saudia Airlines
  • TAROM Airlines

How can you get in?

  • First or Business Class Passengers of SkyTeam Member Airlines
  • Passengers and Guests holding the SkyTeam Elite Plus Card

Is it worth it to pay for lounge access?

I had the privilege of exploring the Turkish Airlines Lounge Business, Turkish Airlines Lounge Miles&Smiles, IGA Lounge at both the International and Domestic Terminals. Particularly, the lounges at the International Departures terminal left a lasting impression, with the Turkish Airlines Lounge Business ranking as the second-best Airport Lounge I’ve experienced, following the Al Safwa First Class Lounge at Doha Airport. So, if you’re flying business with Turkish Airlines or a Star Alliance member airline, the Turkish Airlines Lounge Business is a no-brainer. The same applies to the SkyTeam Lounge.

However, let’s delve into the discussion of whether the price for IGA Lounges and Sleeping Pods justifies the expense. Frankly, I find the cost to be on the higher side. Currently, the price for the IGA International Terminal Lounge is 85€+VAT, nearing 100€. For the same amount, you could indulge in a variety of food and beverages at the airport restaurants.

While the lounge offers some amenities like resting and shower options, if you only have a 2-hour wait, paying such a premium might seem unnecessary. However, if your wait extends to 4-5 hours, the investment might make more sense. Personally, I accessed the IGA Lounges with Priority Pass, a valuable asset for frequent travelers. If I didn’t have the Priority Pass, gaining access would have been unlikely. According to their website, the IGA Lounge is available for a maximum of 4 hours, but I ended up staying there for 6 hours, and surprisingly, no one mentioned anything about the extended duration.

Wishing you fantastic journeys and exciting explorations as always! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me anytime.

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Discover some of the world’s finest lounges at Istanbul Airport. If you’re embarking on a long-haul journey, consider securing a business class ticket with a layover in Istanbul. Alternatively, an even better idea is to spend a couple of days exploring Istanbul before continuing your journey to your final destination.

Whether you’re a business traveler or a family on vacation, these lounges are tailored to meet every need, transforming your layovers into experiences as delightful as the destination itself.

FAQs about Turkish Airlines Lounges at Istanbul Airport (IST)

What amenities can I expect at Turkish Airlines Istanbul Airport Lounges?

Experience a wealth of amenities, including spa services, shower suites, gourmet dining, and exclusive business facilities, designed to elevate your travel experience.

Are the lounges suitable for families with children?

Absolutely! Turkish Airlines Istanbul Airport Lounges are family-friendly, offering dedicated play areas and amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for travelers of all ages.

Can I access the lounges on any Turkish Airlines flight?

Access to the lounges varies depending on your ticket class and loyalty status. Business and First Class passengers, as well as elite members of the Miles&Smiles program, enjoy complimentary access.

How do I access Turkish Airlines Istanbul Airport Lounges?

Access is granted based on ticket class, Miles&Smiles status, or through various lounge access programs. Check eligibility table in the article criteria to make the most of your lounge experience.

Can I invite guests to the lounges with me?

Guest policies vary, with some lounges allowing guests for a fee. For details regarding guest policies and pricing for the lounges, please refer to the terms and conditions on the Turkish Airlines lounges website.

Can economy passengers access a lounge Turkish Airlines?

To determine eligibility for access to the international terminal, please refer to the “Eligibility” section in this article

Can I pay to enter Turkish Airline Lounge?

Access to the Turkish Airlines Lounges is restricted based on eligibility, with entry available only to those meeting specific criteria. However, the Domestic Lounge permits entry for a fee, starting January 1, 2024. Turkish Airlines passengers can refer to the fee list for private passenger lounge usage, with the cost for entry to the Domestic Lounge set at 900 Turkish Liras (approximately $30).

FAQs about other Lounges in Istanbul Airport (IST)

Can I pay for lounge access at Istanbul Airport?

Access to the IGA Lounge in the international departures terminal of Istanbul Airport is available for a fee, which is currently set at 85€ + VAT. For further details about this lounge, you can find more information here.

Which lounge can I use in Istanbul Airport?

Currently, Turkish Airlines operates three lounges at Istanbul Airport: the Miles&Smiles Lounge and Business Lounge in the International Departures Terminal, along with the Domestic CIP Lounge situated in the Domestic Departures Terminal.

Additionally, passengers have the option to access the iGA International Lounge and SkyTeam Lounge in the International Departures Terminal. For those in the domestic departures area, the iGA Domestic Lounge is also available.

Is there a dress code for Lounges?

While there isn’t a strict dress code, it’s recommended to dress in a manner suitable for a sophisticated environment, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere for all guests.


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